3 Easy Ways to Prepare for Painters

Tips to Expedite Your Paint Job

You paid for a paint job, not a paintball competition, right? The last thing you want to shell out money for is an interior painting job gone wrong, including visible strokes, missed edges, or worse, paint on the heirloom furniture piece your grandmother gave you (and you kept because you didn’t know what else to do with it) or the prized chair so well loved with your perfect imprint. Well, you can avoid that all together and walk into a pristine room with paint where it should be—on the walls and nowhere else—when you take less than 30 minutes to prepare for painting contractors, the professional ones. Expedite the process by preparing for your interior paint job with these tips.

Protect Your Furniture

One of the quickest and easiest ways to prepare for a wall painting job is to have your furniture ready by either covering or moving it from the room. This way your chair or sofa won’t be “accidentally” redecorated to match your room with splotches of paint.

When moving furniture, it’s easy to want to be lazy. Try to avoid moving them to nearby areas such as hallways or other parts of your home that experience heavy traffic.

You can protect your furniture in one of multiple ways:

  • Move your furniture to another room (hack: slip paper plates under the corners for easy sliding)
  • Move your furniture to the center of the room (note: a generous work space is about three feet around the furniture)
  • Cover your furniture with old sheets or drop cloths and move them away from the walls
  • Move and safely stack your furniture (hack: place a chair upside down on your couch to save space)

Remove Wall Accessories

…including outlet covers and switch plates. Although your painting of dogs playing poker is entertaining to say the least, it, along with your curtains or blinds, may get in the way of a paint job. Remove all accessories from your walls and place them on your furniture for easy safe keeping. Also, removing the outlet covers and switch plates makes it easier to avoid visible brush strokes and marks around the cover. Best of all, it saves time so you can spend those extra minutes admiring your art when the job is all done.

Create a Workspace

Although your paint contractors have a workflow they’re used to, it doesn’t hurt to create a space for them to access their tools. If you have space in the room, create an area where they can easily access the paint cans, their tools, and other necessities. Oh, and get out of the way!

Once you create a functional space for your painters, they’ll be in and out and you’ll be left with a brand new space in no time. Covering your furniture, removing wall accessories, and creating a small workspace should take you no longer than 30 minutes depending on the extent of your paint job. These 30 minutes now could save you hours in the future, and get you that much closer to the home design of your dreams.

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