3 Ways to Create an Inspiring Space

How to choose the right colors and accessories for added motivation in your home office

Sometimes, all we need is a strong cup of coffee to get going, but even a shot of espresso or two can’t get you past a messy or worse, an uninspiring workspace. But, and stay with me here, all you need to do to prepare an office where all of your fleeting and life-changing creative ideas can come together is to throw a little paint on the walls. It may not be as easy as making your morning cup of coffee, but it’s certainly easier, and less painful, than banging your head against your humdrum walls hoping to get over your writer’s block. All you need to do to create a workspace that works for you is choose the right home office colors to get you back in the game. Get started with these office ideas or visit our Pinterest to create something new out of your small space. Here’s how.

Step 1: Pick the Right Color

Whether you spend time in your office online shopping or using up your elbow grease, the right paint will surely inspire you to shop ‘til you drop or create award-winning work. Here are some ideas based on your personality:

  • “I Get Distracted Easily” and you’re not the only one. When you have a writer’s block, it’s easy to wander onto Amazon and buy more things you don’t need. If you’re like this, opt for the “Carte Blanche” approach and look for colors in a white palette. Soft colors will keep you focused and less distracted.
  • “I Lack Ideas” is actually the start of something great and the right paint will take you to your destination. Get over your creative slump by painting your walls with bold colors, textures, or even contrasting hues. For example, stripes might get your ideas flowing or a dark wall balanced with a light wall might really get you typing.
  • “I’m Bored Of My Space.” This happens to the best of us. Instead, choose a muted color to work as the foundation for your need for change. This way, you can switch out your inspiration board with new ideas, add new and inspiring items to your shadow boxes, or change out your art and it won’t mess with the overall aesthetic of your office.

Step 2: Embellish Your Walls 

Using the paint as the foundation of your inspiration, embellish your walls with some drama such as framed wallpaper, floral appliques, or collages. Or why not expand your desk vertically by taking your ideas to the wall? Use chalk paint to be able to sketch or write on your walls. Simply wipe it off when you’re done; you don’t want that one embarrassing idea to make a mark after all.

Step 3: Accessorize

There’s no use outlining your next big project in the dark. Instead, light the way to your life’s work with accessories that inspire. Stray from the ordinary desk lamp and illuminate your freshly painted and inspiring walls with glowing chandeliers or lamps that add to your aesthetic, like the chandelier from remodelaholic below.

Another great way to add inspiration to your office space is to add a pop of striking color in unexpected places. Whether it’s as big as your desk chair or a mirrored desk, like the one below from House of Turquoise, or as little as your stapler, small things can make a big impact when it comes to your room and your ideas.

The last thing you want your work to reflect is your messy workspace. With a color that reflects your style and embellishments that bring out your personality, you’ll be more than ready to finally write that book you’ve been meaning to for years. Or put together a winning proposal. Whatever brings you into the office, you’ll never be at a loss for creative ideas in your new and inspiring space ever again.

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