3 Ways to Use Bright Color Paint In Your Home

Add Bright Colors to Your Home the Right Way

Create a vibrant home that’s not as far gone as Mardi Gras by knowing how to paint with bright colors. Here are three ways to paint your home with bright colors without intimidating your guests.

1. Recreate the Bigger Picture

HGTV suggests that, “When in doubt about a color, don’t limit yourself to small color chips. Paint big sheets of cardboard and prop them up in the room in question. This gives you a better idea of what it’s going to look like.”

2. Accent with Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic Colorful Decor

Source: td-universe

One of the best ways to integrate your bold color choices into your home is to accent them with monochromatic furniture. Apartmenttherapy.com finds that, “Any color when it’s at its brightest can easily be accented by white or black.”

3. Make It Pop in One Place

One of our favorite projects to work on is painting doors. It’s a small part of the house but it’s also like your home’s smile. Your door makes your home’s first impression, so why not make it dramatic? Paint it your favorite bold color to stand out in your neighborhood and make passersby smile.

How do you add color in your home? Is it with your home décor or with bold walls? If you need a color consultation, contact us to get started with an estimate of work. We look forward to helping you add color to your life!