4 Ways to Use Leftover Paint

Don’t Let Your Leftover Paint Go to Waste

If you have a lot of leftover paint, you can put it to good use by using it to paint other things throughout your home. Instead of swinging your paint brush willy nilly to see where it sticks, get some inspiration with these ideas.

1. Paint Cabinets

Painting Cabinets

Source: mom4real.com

Does your book case or cabinet look out of place against your wall? Apartmenttherapy.com suggests, “Painting the back wall of the cabinet where you keep your dishes to be greeted by a pretty tableau each time you set the table or reach for a coffee mug.”

2. Turn Ordinary Things Into Colorful Home Decor

If you have leftover mason jars, glass bottles or even old vases, revive them with some leftover paint. Paintcare.org suggests taking an average looking vase, or a collection of them, and painting them to make a colorful statement.

3. Paint Your Furniture

Give old furniture a much need update with some whimsy. Whether you have a bold color or a neutral one, paint old furniture to adapt them to your new aesthetic.

4. Have Fun With It

If you have multiple colors, why not have fun with it and create a masterpiece of your own?

What do you do with leftover paint? Are you going to try any of these ideas? If you do, share them on Instagram and be sure to tag us @jqpaint1. We can’t wait to see your creations!