5 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

A small room can feel cozy and inviting when done right. Use these five tips to make your small space look and feel bigger.

1. Connect Rooms with a Neutral Paint Color

Neutral Paint Home

Source: freshome.com

You can unify rooms in a smaller house by painting them the same neutral color throughout. This creates a flow throughout the home and keeps the eye going seamlessly from one area to the next, which makes the whole area appear larger.

2. Oversized Mirrors

Open Home Design

Source: HGTV Home

Mirrors bounce every source of light off of their surface. If you place a large mirror on a wall across the way from a window, it helps to make spaces feel larger than they actually are. HGTV Home found that, “A twist on this idea is to choose architectural-style mirrors which create the illusion of an extra window or door.”

3. Transparent Furniture

Home Design Open Home

Source: Homedit.com

Using clear furniture is similar in concept to using a neutral color from one room to the next. When you use a wooden table for example, your eye stops at the table. When you use a glass top table with clear furniture such as ghost chairs, the eye goes past the furniture and toward the rest of the room. This allows the eye to see the whole room instead of the room in pieces, which can make it look smaller.

4. Keep Pathways Open

Keeping high-traffic areas, such as the areas that go from one room to another should be free and clear of furniture and home décor. Keep it simple by avoiding clutter to open up a space. Remodelista finds that, “When dealing with a small room, one naturally wants to maximize the space by pushing all the pieces to the edges. But if this causes you to bump into things, it can enhance a claustrophobic feel. Sometimes it is better to group the furniture on one side of the room, so people can pass through unhindered.”

5. Opt for Naked Windows

Draping Windows

Source: Hative

Uncovered windows create a sense of depth in a small space. Opt for blinds instead of curtains or drapes. If you prefer drapes, take the rod all the way to the top of the wall and hang the drapes so that they reach the floor. This makes the floor to ceiling length of the wall appear longer than it is.

What are your tricks for making a small space look bigger? If you need more inspiration, browse our Pinterest page. If you need help painting a room to make it look larger, our professional contractors are ready to help. Start creating a space you love by getting an estimate of work here.