Afraid of the Dark? Don’t Be…

6 Ways to Add Some Drama and Incorporate Dark Colors

Into Your Home’s Interior


Are you afraid of the dark? It’s a daring, dramatic interior design decision, and it can definitely pay off. Dark walls can be very beautiful and elegant but people are often intimidated to include such elements in their décor. Dark walls can make art pop, interesting architectural details are highlighted and drama is created. There are lots of ways in which you can include dark walls in your home’s décor and also a few pitfalls that you should avoid.

Size Doesn’t Always Matter


Have you heard that dark walls will make the room look smaller? Don’t let the size of a room stop you from using rich, bold colors. In fact, deep colors blur the edges of walls, creating an illusion of an endless and expansive room.

The Right Room Matters


Darker colors immediately make a room feel more intimate and cozy. For some rooms, bedrooms, man caves or large living space, this is the desired effect.

 Create Contrast


The dark gray tones on the upper portion of these walls are offset by the white subway tile and the white and black floor. There’s no better way relax after a long day than with a room rich in comfort, a little drama and all the amenities.

 Consider an Accent Wall


The accent wall is used to great effect, helping make the room seem a little larger. This type of treatment is a good starting place if you’re hesitant to paint all the walls a dark color.

 Highlight Architectural Features


The beautiful details of the wall is really about the contrast between the wall with built in cabinets in dark blue and white architectural elements in the ceiling. Because of the contrast, we really notice the details of the built- in, which I think is the real star of this home office.

Use wall color to create an art gallery


The palette in this stunning living room is simple: white and deep teal blue. The wall color acts as a perfect backdrop for all the gold art work.

No matter what dark color strategy you employ- adding some drama, highlighting artwork or design elements, or creating contrast it’s clear that once you go dark- you’ll never go back. 

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