Tips on How to Maintain Your Exterior Paint Job

There are certain types of home maintenance that can wait- reseeding the lawn, cleaning the garage, cleaning out those A/C vents- we all have more important things to do… (like watch Game of Thrones…)

With Fall upon us and the rainy season fast approaching certain types of home maintenance should not be delayed. One such task is painting the exterior of your house.

You should start by assessing the condition of your home’s exterior. Pay attention to areas where the paint may be flaking, peeling off or wearing. Make sure to take note of any rotting wood and the condition of the caulking (specifically where two surfaces meet). If you find small areas of affected wood on the siding or trim you can test the strength by poking it with a screwdriver. If it penetrates with little resistance you should replace or patch the weakened wood before painting.

If you have to replace caulk that is either missing or severely deteriorated, start by scraping off the damaged section, clean dirt and mildew from the surrounding surface, then apply a paintable, top quality siliconized acrylic caulk, focusing on creating a tight seal. This will help prevent water from sabotaging your paint.

If you find a few areas where the paint is wearing, scrape off any that is loose or not adhering properly and sand the existing paint edges to a smooth finish. Apply a good quality primer then a coat of 100% acrylic paint (we recommend Dunn Edwards Evershield). After it dries, apply a second coat to provide added protection for your home exterior.

If the state of your paint job isn’t up to par contact us. But don’t wait until the last minute (You won’t be the only one scrambling for last minute help.)

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