The Importance of High Quality Paint

High Quality vs. Cheap- Does It Really Matter?


We have all been there… you have decided to repaint the living room. You are at the paint store and comparing paint brands and have decided to go with a high quality paint- but then on your way to the register you see another brand for almost half the price… DON’T DO IT! I know it’s tempting when faced with a tight budget to choose the most economical paint option available, but this is not always the best choice. High quality paint will often be more expensive, but it is always worth it.

Longer Lasting

Higher-quality paint will almost always be longer lasting than cheaper options.  It’s smooth, uniform appearance will last often as much as twice as long as cheaper paints.  That means, in the long run, you’ll spend less money on paint, because the higher quality paint will simply last longer on your walls.

Easier to Apply

High quality paint is easier to apply.  It generally doesn’t need as many coats as lower quality paint –which will decrease your overall cost.  You’ll do less brushing or rolling because it flows more easily, saving you time if you’re painting your home yourself.  It also tends to splatter less thanks to its viscosity, making cleanup a breeze!

More Durable

High-quality paint is built to endure. It shows less wear over time because it actually resists dirt, which means fingerprints and stains won’t stick as easily or quickly.. Not only that, when fingerprints, scuffs, and more DO end up on the wall, a high-quality paint will clean.

So What Makes Paint High Quality?

A high-quality paint will have a high percentage of solids.  So it will have more binders and pigments and less liquid than lower quality paints.  High quality paints will also generally have higher concentrations of titanium dioxide. When you have a good amount of titanium dioxide, you can cover surfaces in fewer coats.  

At JQ Paint, we only use high quality paint. Want to know more about what products we use? Visit us here JQ Paint– to find out more.


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