Are You Overpaying to Paint your Bedroom?

How much should I pay to paint an average sized bedroom?

March is all about green. From St. Patrick’s Day to the first day of spring, green makes an appearance in a variety of ways, including your bank account. Keep your green in your wallet by knowing what to expect when you hire professional painters to paint your average sized bedroom. Stick with these helpful tips and you’ll keep your wallet happy.

The Real Cost of Painting

Unless you live in a studio, your bedroom most likely has four walls, and if it’s a master bedroom, you need to think about creating a seamless paint job from the room to the bath. If painting the room yourself or even if hiring a professional interior painter in Huntington Beach, every paint job will include the following costs:

  • Paint: $15-$30/gallon of paint
  • Leftover paint for touch-ups
  • Paint brushes: $17 to $22 depending on type (synthetic or natural bristles)
  • Lint-free rollers: $5 – $10
  • Sandpaper: $5 – $10
  • Tape: $5 – $10

Although hiring a professional painter may cost more, you can expect a job that looks like it was done by professionals. Best of all, it saves you time so you can relax while we take care of all the work. Learn about our skills and how we can help you paint your bedroom to make it look like the bedroom of your dreams. Let’s talk paint! Contact us here.