Paint New Life into an Old Fence

How to Stain or Paint an Old Fence to Bring it to Life

While old kings built moats to keep enemies away, we keep such modern-day enemies as frisky racoons and our neighbors dogs off our property with fencing. Although fences afford us privacy and safety, they can quickly turn into an unsightly mess if they’re not properly cared for. Instead of being well on your way to being neighborhood’s “scary” home with a ratty fence and overgrown bushes, let’s nip the problem in the bud with these hacks to paint new life into an old fence.

The Money Saver Approach

If your fence looks fine but a portion of it or even a small plank of it has been damaged due to weather or your pet’s incessant need to dig, you may not need to spring for a whole new fence! ManMadeDIY suggests, “Fashioning a new frame with treated posts and crossbeams, but using the original fence boards [to keep] the overall look but polished as well. And the total cost? About $30 per 8-foot section.”

You can ensure that it good as well as you feel for having “DIY’d: your own fence by re-staining it or painting it to match your home aesthetic. If you’re too scared to paint over your newly fashioned fence, our professional painters in Huntington Beach are more than happy to help.

The Meticulous but Fun Approach

Old and gray fences set a drab gray cloud above your home. Improve your home’s look and let the sun shine on your abode with the use of some exterior paint. As far as prep goes, HomeGuides from SFGate suggests preparing the fence by scraping off any old loose paint with a paint scraper. If the fence is particularly dirty, wash it with a power washer, wait for it to dry, then brush off residual dirt with an old stiff paintbrush. If that sounds like too much work, our team of local painters can get on it.

Now: Stain or Paint?

Each has their pros and cons. For example, while paint is cheaper, it can fade but it will certainly make your home stand out. Staining may be more expensive from the start but it may last longer and simply fade over time.

Improve your curb appeal with one, two or maybe 10 gallons of paint over an old fence. Now you can enjoy your privacy, fashionably.