Paint Your Office, Commercial Space, or Store These Colors for Success

Paint Your Office Using These Tips to Improve Productivity

Hash out a lightning filled brainstorm session in a conference room that inspires ideas. With these paint colors to complete your office, you’ll never have to go back to the drawing board. When creating an office space that screams success, be sure to pick your paint wisely to keep your team motivated and driven to succeed. Be sure to let your commercial painting contractors know what kind of space you want to create for ideas to get you started. You can also browse our Pinterest for ideas!

Use Paint to Create an Atmosphere

Entrepreneur found that, “Color’s influence on consumer behavior isn’t confined to just merchandise. The colors surrounding customers while they’re shopping also can influence whether they make a purchase.” The article goes on to state that the first and most important step is to define a theme. For example, go for the ever-popular cozy home theme if you’re selling home décor to make people literally feel at home. But a theme can quickly go awry if it’s not complemented by the right color—bright red walls might not make you want to cuddle up with your dog after a long day of work.

A Functional and Colorful Office Space

A Functional and Colorful Office Space [Designboom]

The same goes for your office space. Creating a space where your team feels comfortable and excited should be an integral part of your business plan. For example, chron finds that certain commercial office paint colors influence employee behaviors, productivity levels, moods and attitudes. “Walls that are blue and/or green can help employees feel calm, relaxed and hopeful. Yellow and orange are colors that can stimulate and energize employees.” When looking for the best color to paint your office for productivity, keep your employees in mind!

Brand Your Business With Color

Branding with Color

Branding with Color []

Your number one priority is to convert sales, so when a customer walks into your store and buys your product or walks into your office and loves your services, you want them to leave with a feeling. Instead of leaving them wondering, “where did I buy this again?” you can help them connect the dots by continuing your branding into your store or office space. Use colors from your logo to help customers remember your awesome goods and services and keep them coming back, with friends in tow!

Be sure to communicate the exact emotions, feelings and branding you want to evoke to paint companies. The more they know, the more they can help you create an office space or commercial space that motivates all who enter. If you want to transform your business or store and improve your branding, JQ Paint can help! Get your estimate here.