Grand Foyer with Wainscoting: Pelican Hill Interior Painting- Newport Beach

Interior painting included refinish and update work throughout the home.

The project included refinishing all wainscoting (floor to ceiling) in the entry and staircase. We refinished bathroom cabinets with a high end sprayed finish. The walls and doors were also painted. Baseboards throughout including some replacement.

*The client wanted one of the rooms in the house to mimic the look of Bliss, a boutique in CDM. We applied a hand troweled texture and a multi-layered faux finish over the top and sprayed all trim with a white lacquer. It was a complete makeover!

We worked on

REFINISH Resprayed existing wainscoting for a new look
CABINETRY we sprayed oil based and lacquer based products
FAUX Specialty hand troweled texture with color wash

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