A Refreshing Perspective On Your Front Door

Try a bold color to boost curb appeal and make your entry more welcoming.


Is your Entry Door looking a little lackluster? Does it need a little TLC? Or maybe a complete repaint? Almost every inch of your home requires some amount of maintenance, including your front door. Painted doors are prone to chipping over time, and can require touch-ups; however maybe it’s time for an entirely new look. See below for some great color ideas!

Entry Door Yellow- What a great burst of sunshine to welcome you home! It’s energetic, playful, happy, warm and inviting.

Entry Door Red- Is a vibrant and joyful choice! Looks amazing against stucco and brick

Front Door- Purple

Entry Door Purple- Dark and distinguished with a touch of whimsy, yet unexpected. It works well with both a traditional and modern style house.

Front Door- Green

Entry Door JQ Paint Green- This contemporary color green is so energetic and fun! It reminds us of nature, and a clean fresh palette.

Front Door- Gray

Entry Door Gray- Want a change but not ready for something too dramatic? Gray is a perfect combination of modern and sleek.

Front Door- dark green

Entry Door Dark Green- Anything but ordinary, it appears to be black from far away but when the sunlight hits the green is a softer, prettier option. It’s also a neutral- so it will work well with almost anything in your foyer.

Front Door- Blue

Entry Door Dark Blue- A dark inky blue looks rich and definitely makes a statement.

Front Door- Black

Entry Door Black- Sophisticated, bold, modern, luxurious and sleek (can anyone say anything bad about black?) It adds a bit of masculine touch and is timeless.

Front Door- Aqua

Entry Door Aqua- The preppy palette is a smart alternative for a homeowner who is tired of a black or taupe door.

Front Door Orange

Entry Door Orange- Often associated with vibrant energy, this mod, chic and dramatic color is best paired with a gray exterior.


So how do you pick a color?

First you have to consider the color of your house and trim!  Here are some suggestions based on various exterior home colors:

WHITE: this is a blank canvas (unless you have shutters painted a color, then you need to take that color into consideration).  Great options are: red, black, green, dark blue.

GREY: With grey houses a fun and vibrant pop of color is a great style choice. I would recommend aqua, yellow and orange.  White trim will add to the great contrast!

BEIGE: In California the spanish stucco style tan/beige is very popular. So if you are looking to stand out- I would try bright red, dark green, or dark blue.

BRICK: This is another canvas that is easily complimented.  Grey, blue, bold greens and black all look amazing!  

STONE: If you have stone on your exterior- your lucky. Nothing is more classic than an old stone house! I would stick with classic colors black, blues, greens and purples.

Whatever the case, a well-chosen front door color makes an immediate impact, complementing a home’s style and improving curb appeal. Ready to make a change? Give us a call for a free consultation 714-376-1611 or contact us



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